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Sara's activities



Sara Jane

  • has been working as a bio-energy therapist for more than 20 years. When Sara is in Ireland, she works in the Amber Healing Centre in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway.
  • In the past couple of years she has deepened her knowledge and experience of energy healing through an extended stay at the Casa de dom Inacio, John of God's healing sanctuary in Brazil and a 10 week visit to the energy vortices of Sedona, Arizona.
  • Sara Jane is at present spending some time in Australia, in Mullumbimby near to where the Australian Casa is situated.
  • The Australian Casa is linked to the Casa in Brazil.
  • The Mullumbimby – Byron Bay area is renowned in Australia for its healing properties, the land being on the site of the biggest volcanic crater in the Southern Hemisphere where the lava has crystallised into Obsidian.

About "Bio-Energy"


Bio-Energy is

  • the life force which flows through all living beings; people, plants and animals. When the life force is strong,there is health and well-being, when it is blocked or weak, there can be pain, disease and a lack of vitality.
  • A bio-energy therapist, through training and a developed sensitivity in the hands, can scan the aura or energy field of a person and feel where the life-force has become weakened or blocked.
  • Then with a series of movements, mostly without actually touching the person, the therapist can begin to clear the blockages which have occurred through physical or emotional trauma and to re-balance and harmonise the aura.

Aura Reading


  • During an Aura Reading Sara Jane tunes in to your energy field and perceives it on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She is aware of colours and images, past and present, potential and gifts for the future.
  • At the beginning of the session Sara Jane will always ask you is there any particular area of your life in which you need greater clarity or direction
    so that the time may be used for your maximum benefit.
  • During the session she is connecting to her Higher Consciousness and asking you to do the same so that the information you receive is exactly what is most needed for your healing at this time.

Healing Sessions



  • Bio-Energy & Aura Reading
    If you would like a distance healing, for Bio-Energy Therapy, please send a full-length photo of yourself to Sara Jane at
  • If you would like an Aura Reading, please email Sara Jane and she will set up an appointment with you.
  • She will set up a series of appointments with you to suit your time schedule and then work on your photograph in exactly the same way as if you were physically present.
  • Usually the treatments take place over three consecutive days and each session takes a half-hour. In between sessions, she will communicate with you by email, discussing what is happening during the sessions and also looking for your feedback on how you are reacting to the treatment.
  • If you have skype, you can connect with her through that, if not, all you need to do is send your home phone number and Sara Jane will call you at the arranged time.