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Inish Mor Life Volunteering Stay  

This is not a B.&B. or hostel.

An Charraig is open to people who are interested in the Celtic Spiritual life of Self-sufficiency & Organic Gardening to welcome visitors and guests:
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Visitors & Guests At Charraig 


  • If you would like to visit 'An Charraig', it is best to arrange it beforehand and fix a time so that someone will be there to meet you.

Short-term Stay

  • If you would like to stay as a short-term guest at 'An Charraig' (one or more nights), please make contact beforehand and make the arrangements. We take guests on the basis that they are interested in what we are about and want to engage or learn in some way.
  • We like to know in advance why you want to stay with us, because we are not a B.&B. or hostel.
  • Hostel accommodation is available at Killeany Lodge Pilgrim Hostel.

Long-term Stay

  • We accept long-term guests at 'An Charraig'. In the past, these have been people who wished to:
  • *follow a course of study *do some personal writing *be on retreat,
    sabbatical, or just take time out : *experience our lifestyle, *join our volunteers when there was no volunteer position available.
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Lifestyle at An Charraig

  • An Charraig is owned and directed by Tess Harper and Dara Molloy. Its structure has evolved over a period of twenty years or so, since the time in 1985 when Dara first and then Tess came to live on Inis Mor.
  • On the property there are two households: An Charraig and Abbalon. In the first live four EVS volunteers, few WWOOFers and the guests(up to 6) of ours. The second is the home of Tess, Dara and their family.

Celtic Monk, Dara Molloy



  • Dara Molloy is a Celtic monk and priest.
  • He lives on Inis Mór, Aran Islands, with his wife Tess Harper and their four children Tuán, Macha, Surnaí and Anú.
  • Dara came to Inis Mór in 1985 to be a hermit in the footsteps of St Enda, patriarch of Irish monasticism. Inspired by the Celtic monastic tradition, he has created spiritually-based projects on Inis Mór that express that tradition in a contemporary setting: hospitality, organic gardening, ecological building, education, publishing and the development of Celtic ceremonies.  
  • Unwilling to be a member of any institutional church or to create a monastic institution of his own, he encourages people to follow their own spiritual path and to draw on the Celtic tradition for their inspiration.

Dara Offering Following Services:

  • Marriage Ceremonies, Celtic Ceremonies 
  • Pilgrimages
  • Tour Guide
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Volunteering at An Charraig

  • Accepting the Volunteers from EVS(European Voluntary Service) & WWOF (World Workers Organic Farms) *For countries outside of the EU, application is made through an appointed coordinator.
  • For volunteering stay at An Charraig, Full board & Lodging are provided but not any pocket money or wages. 

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Works are classified as follows: 



1. Self-Sufficiency (Household):

  • Your work will be located in the house and the close surroundings.
    • In the house itself, you will have responsibilities for making bread, jam, wine, etc.
    • You will also have a part to play in hospitality, waste management, and creating a good atmosphere among all who live there.
  • Outside you will have responsibilities in the kitchen garden, the herb garden, in the plastic tunnel (greenhouse) and with the chickens, ducks and geese.
  • For this work you need to be friendly, welcoming and a good practical organizer.



2. Self-Sufficiency (Organic Gardening):

  • Your primary responsibilities will be in the main gardens associated with An Charraig.
    • These gardens are in different parts of the island and you will travel to them mostly by bicycle.
    • Your work will include planning, ordering, sowing in trays, using heated beds, watering, collecting seaweed, making beds, planting, weeding, earthing up, working in tunnels (greenhouses), harvesting, preserving.
  • You will need to be strong, fit and really interested in this work.



3. Self-Sufficiency (Building and Maintenance):

  • Aisling Árann has a number of properties where work is ongoing in building and maintenance.
  • You will have opportunities to learn such things as:
    • build dry-stone walls, thatch a roof, construct structures in stone and in wood, do plastering, wiring, plumbing, repair roofs, hang doors, and many other works that need to be done.
    • There is also car and machine maintenance.
  • You will need to be a practical person, interested in solving practical problems, and able to operate various simple tools. 



4. Publishing

  • Editing to issue online magazine,websites and guidebooks.
  • Aisling Árann has an office at An Charraig where you will have your main responsibilities.
  • The office publishes a regular internet magazine (the AISLING), a number of web sites, and language editions of a guide-book for Inis Mór.
    • You will have opportunities to work in all of these areas as well as to help with keeping accounts and general maintenance of the office.
  • Good computer skills and good English are essential as well as a real interest in this type of work and in the aims and objectives of Aisling Árann.


5. Self-sufficiency - (The Pilgrim Lodge):

  • Your work will be varied and may include any or all of the activities that form part of the other volunteers tasks.
  • These tasks could be gardening, building and maintenance, office and hospitality work.

Feel free to ask!  INQUIRY