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Welcome to Beehive!

"Beehive" is to provide the top notch service to people seeking special program, venue for healing & relaxing experiences.


  • We prepare special plans for you!
    ・Villa stay
    ・Home-stay, Farm-stay (or Agritourism)
    ・Aran Island (Inish Mor) Volunteer-stay

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  • EPB-V1:Stay in Juliet's Yard
    Enjoy the romantic world of "Romeo & Juliet"
    • Two exquisite apartments in Verona city center, are at the old courtyard of the renowned "Balcony of Juliet″
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  • EPB-T1: Villa Stay, Agritourism in Chanti
    • Villa le Barone is engaged on the “eco-friendly”green track and eager to share the protected beauty of Chianti, also promoting “Slow Food”!. Enjoy Slow Life !
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  • EPB-N1: Home-stay & Cooking Naples
    Not available now
    • Slow Food, Mediterranean Cuisine, Local Home-cooking etc.
      You will enjoy both Italian Home-stay & Home-cooking as taste of "Mamma"
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  • EPB-B1: Burren Yoga & Retreat 
    (Weekend program during September and May) 
    • Eco-Yoga Weekend Package 2 overnights for 3 days
    • Yoga and Meditation, besides retreat and walking around the nature to experience the healing. 

  • EPB-A1:Volunteering Stay / Retreat
    An Charraig is the name of a thatched house on the northern slope of Inis Mor, and also the name of the project, a spiritual center in the Celtic tradition. An Charraig is open to people who are interested in the Celtic Spiritual life of Self-sufficiency & Organic Gardening to welcome visitors and guests.
  • This is not a B.&B. or hostel. Please contact in advance to your visit.



  • EPB-G1:Sara Jane Therapist
    has been working as a bio-energy therapist for more than 20 years. When Sara is in Ireland, she works in the Amber Healing Centre in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway.


  • EPB-P1:Luxurious Villa Stay at Provence in France
    Enjoy the the world of  Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence"! 
    • Gorgeous facilities with swimming pool for 8 people from 1 week as minimum stay.

Feel free to ask!  INQUIRY